BLK360 rental san francisco


Aeronautica 3D

a sole proprietorship since 1995

Aeronautica 3D currently provides the Leica BLK360 3D laser scanner for rent. Five scanners are available for rent. We also have 3 IPAD Pros and 3 Tripods for rental. Cyclone and Matterport are loaded on ipads but you need your own accounts to use.

The current primary objective of Aeronautica 3D is the design of a seaplane.  The seaplane project has been the ongoing goal of the Aeronautica 3D proprietor.

Starting at $99 Day.     –     Youtube : Legacy  A3DV7

Contact to request a scanner.

Current BLK360 Status: updated 9/15/2021

  1. Scanner 1: In San Jose, CA; off rental 10/10/2021
  2. Scanner 2: In Switzerland getting repaired – expected back 9/25/2021
  3. Scanner 3: In Boston; until 10/2/2021
  4. Scanner 4: available until 9/24/2021, then available 9/26/2021
  5. Scanner 5: available

Leica BLK360 used with Autodesk Recap

LEGACY with the Leica HDS3000 and Cyclone