Seaplane Project
As early as 1995, the conceptual design and development began of the Avalon 1, a low level flying seaplane with a purpose of flying from the San Francisco Bay Area, in Northern California, direct to Santa Catalina Island located in Southern California.  Through the years, the design has changed considerably and still may undergo changes as the final design is completed.  The creation of test models and actual flying scaled models began in 2012.  Development slowed due to design and material changes in the test models.  Two test models are being completed; with a 6 foot diameter model nearing completion and a 24 foot model in partial completion.

Legacy History
Aeronautica 3D was established in 1995 to create and sell 3D aircraft models in Form-Z format.  Around 2002, creation of models ceased but it continued to sell the current library in several formats, with the most recent format (3DPDF) being provided as free downloads.  A sample file is shown on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBN5Kb9JGNQ

During the 2000-2010 decade, Aeronautica 3D was involved in 3D scanning using the Leica HDS3000 long range scanner.  It was hoped at the time of acquisition of the scanner that all aircraft types would eventually be scanned to provide a database of pointcloud data of actual aircraft. The precise pointcloud data allows for creation of an accurate 3D aircraft model; providing for a very good precision measurement source.  Aeronautica 3D created several of its models for use in accident investigation modelling.  Precision of the 3D model is required for attorney/court uses.