Avalon 1 Prototype Seaplane Project

LocationSouth San Francisco, CA
CategoryAvalon 1 Seaplane Project

As owner of Aeronautica 3D, most of my life’s background has been in the field of aviation. The love of aviation and some inspired projects I witnessed in early years has stuck with me. This particular interest involves a love of Catalina Island and an interest in a project I witnessed and participated back in the 1980s. This project, Seaflite Oceanographic, intended for a Sunderland Solent (this aircraft was used in the movie Indiana Jones and currently resides at the Oakland Air Museum, Oakland, CA) to be used as an oceanographic platform capable of quickly getting out to an ocean location to do studies. The Avalon 1 is currently intended to travel from San Francisco to Catalina Island as a regular scheduled operation. For more information on this project please visit Aeronautica 3D’s other website, www.catalinaislandseaplane.com.