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Please fill out the rental or service request form here.  Please take note of the conditions for rental. There are precautions/instructions that must be adhered to for the agreement to be valid. These are listed on the agreement form. If you have any questions regarding the form, please contact us at Although not required, adding an insurance rider from your insurance company to cover any damages is suggested. The most significant event we need to watch out for is drops, so please ensure you are operating safely to prevent  the scanner dropping.

The rental rates are kept as low as possible for your benefit. However with these lower rates, you will not have the benefit of personal instruction. You will benefit greatly by watching videos and reading instructions provided on this site. The scanner and ipad are easy to operate, and as long as battery levels stay above 20% on both devices, you should be fine. In addition, if you use the ipad while scanning, keep a short distance away, say a few meters. The instructions will give you all the options to use while scanning, including no ipad and just move from location to location with the scanner only, then download the scans later.

We can do the scanning for you, and this option is available on the form. The operator rate is $50/hr.