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There are 5 BLK360 calendars, one calendar for each scanner. You can browse each calendar and find an open time slot. Once you determine the days you wish to rent, contact Aeronautica 3D through this email link below and let us know what Scanner(Calendar) and what days you wish to rent on.

On the calendar, a blue bar indicates the scanner is being rented on that day.



  1. Scanner 1:  CALENDAR – 1
  2. Scanner 2:  CALENDAR – 2
  3. Scanner 3:  CALENDAR – 3
  4. Scanner 4:  CALENDAR – 4
  5. Scanner 5:  CALENDAR – 5
We do not provide software.  Scanners, IPADS, and Tripods all rented separately. The scanner  includes the tripod adaptor in the scanner rental.


Software that is typically used for these scanners are:

  • – Leica Cyclone REG360 BLKedition: (REG360 Field mobile; can’t export to RCP without Desktop license –  year/mon/wk rental) call Leica for
  •   pricing
  • – Leica BLK Data Manager (a free App for PC only; limited use features)
  • – Autodesk RECAP: Only the desktop version exist now. The mobile has been phased out. Check with Autodesk for pricing.
  • – Matterport capture. Check with for pricing


Shipping is with FEDEX only. 1-2 day shipping – depending.