3D Scanner Rental – BLK360

Aeronautica 3D offers the lowest cost 3D scanner rental solution for your needs, whether you’re working large projects or just seeking to get some dimensions for your small project

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Scanning Services

Aeronautica 3D can provide an operator to accomplish the scanning for you. See pricing options (link). The data can be provided in *.rcp, *.e57, *.pts, (also panoramic and floorplan in *.dxf)

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360 VR Services – Matterport/CUPIX

Real-Estate websites often use VR to present their homes for sale in a 3D or VR environment. Matterport and Cupix are two great sites that offer solutions to present the 3D data and photo-images..

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Legacy Gallery

For a review of Aeronautica 3D legacy work, please visit the youtube video “A3Dv6”

BLK360 rent san francisco
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