3D Scanner Rental – BLK360

Aeronautica 3D offers the lowest cost 3D scanner rental solution for your needs, whether you’re working large projects or just seeking to get some dimensions for your small project and view the results via your CAD program or online through Matterport, Cupix, and Voxxlr (we continuously look for low-cost browser based viewing solutions to help your needs).

Aeronautica 3D owned and operated a Leica HDS3000 3D scanner in early 2000s, and gained several years of experience understanding the needs of both small and large operators interested in using scanning data (pointclouds) for their projects. While the HDS3000 was a great long distance scanner (900 feet), the newer BLK360 (360 feet) offers the advantage of being a light-weight more portable and convenient scanner.

The rental pricing options are designed to help those just starting off in growing their interest in 3D scanning, all the way to those working large projects but need to keep their costs under control. UBER (not a free service) can also be utilized to deliver the scanner to you within the time period you need it. If you are on a project and can’t get away, use UBER to get the scanner to you within a reasonable short time. You can also send the scanner back via UBER. Keep in mind that UBER drivers do not wait! You need to be at the location of the delivery at the appropriate time. The cost of the UBER delivery option may be worth the cost when compared to your lost time on site.

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