Scanning Services

Aeronautica 3D might be able to provide an operator to accomplish the scanning for you. The data can be provided in *.rcp, *.e57, *.pts, (also panoramic and floorplan in *.dxf)

The following is excerpting from the Leica website:

Depending on the workflow, the BLK360 will produce a few different file formats:

  • If you’re using ReCap Pro Mobile, your file type will be the standard *.rcp format. Once you’re in ReCap Pro on your desktop, you can export scans to other file types, like e57 and PTS
  • If you’re using the Leica BLK360 iPad Pro App, the export is as an .e57 file. If you plan to import directly into Cyclone Register, the file format is *.imp. You can also export out the panoramic image and floor plan in a .dxf format.
  • If you download using the BLK Data Manager, the scans export as a *.blk, which can only be imported to Cyclone or Register360 at this point in time.

Other formats like PTX, FLS, STL and OBJ aren’t directly compatible but can be obtained from additional software (Register360, 3DReshaper, etc.)

Please use the contact form if interested in scanning services.