Scanner Rental

Rental Agreement Rules

The following rules are mandatory reading and the renter is required to acknowledge that they have read and accomplished requirements for rental of this Leica BLK360. Once you have accomplished the following items please hit the send button at the bottom of the page; fill in your name, click the I read requirements checkbox, and then hit send.

  1. I have reviewed the “Recommended handling” guidelines
  2. I will be the only operator and have complete control, oversight, and eyesight of the scanner at all times during the rental from acquisition to drop off location and persons.
  3. I have read the following instruction/operating videos before renting. The Leica website has a set of instruction videos on the BLK360 website; please view all videos 1 thru 6. And review Aeronautica 3D tips and instructions below on this agreement. It is highly encouraged to review as many Leica BLK360 videos as possible besides the required ones for the rental.
  4. I will not touch the laser scanning mirror in the middle of the scanner opening.
  5. I will not drop the scanner or set it down hard on a surface or tripod (just be careful treat the scanner gently)
  6. I will keep my hands clean while handling the scanner.
  7. I have reviewed the BLK360 USER MANUAL and understand the safety precautions; at

Aeronautica 3D Tips/Instructions/Cautions

  1. When battery life gets down to about 20%, I would recommend changing out the battery. The distance from scanner to ipad should be shortened as much as possible as there may be intermittent data loss during transfer from scanner to ipad especially with a low battery.
  2. You can use the scanner without an ipad. You can scan while just pressing the button, then move to another location and scan again, etc. without an ipad. However, you lose the ability to real time view what your scanning, measure and take notes, you would be working on it later online or on a computer.
  3. The manufacture says you can get 30 to 40 scans per battery, but I have not tested this amount to date. I would pay attention to the recommended battery change period at no less than 15% battery life.
  4. This scanner will rotate 360 degrees on every scan, so try to stay out of site somehow.

I have reviewed the above requirements

REVIEW Acknowledgement