Rental Prices


Hourly: $20
1 DAY Rental: $99/day
2-10 DAY Rental: $80/day
11-20 DAY Rental: $70/day
20-30 DAY Rental: $65/day
Insurance: YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN INSURANCE CERTIFICATE (COI) (up to $8000 repairs and $17,000 replacement)
Additional: OPERATIONAL LOSS COSTS: $2000 extra if scanner needs to be repaired. (it takes 9-11 Weeks)
Renter pays shipping. All shipping days within the rental period. No extra shipping days covered
All out of region deliveries must now be via FEDEX
NO SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED: Recommended software to use:
Leica Cyclone Field BLK360 Edition, Matterport Capture, BLK360 app, or Autodesk Recap
(Autodesk does not provide mobile app anymore, just the PC app)

Contact to request a scanner.

Shipping Typical Approximate Costs

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