How do I rent a scanner?

  • There are 5 scanners : Scanner 1, Scanner 2, Scanner 3, Scanner 4, and Scanner 5.
  • First check the front page for the status of each scanner. See the CALENDAR for each scanner.
  • Check the Pricing page. Rental Pricing
  • Then send an email to aeronautica3d@gmail.com with your requirements.
  • All typical shipments are Scanner/Tripod Adpater/3 Batteries/Battery Charger  –  all placed in a FEDEX Medium Box. You can reuse the box to return the shipment when done. Shipments are 1-2 days ship.

Do I need insurance?

  • If you do not elect to use insurance, you will be responsible for up to $1300.00 toward repairs of the scanner. Repairs are currently only done in Switzerland at the Leica facility. Repairs can range from $1000 to $8000, depending on the severity of the damage.
  • For $10/day rental, you will be covered.
  • Provide your own insurance option. You do not need to show Aeronautica 3D your COI (Certificate of Insurance). This is your      personal insurance carrier protection if so desired. We can provide the SN of the scanner if/when required.

Do I need an APP license to run the scanner?

Typically yes. You could just start taking scans without an ipad. Just push the button and scan. After all the scans are done, use a free app called BLK360 Data Manager (free windows app), and download the data onto your computer. The format of the files will be .BLK. .BLK files are only opened using Leica software.

The most typical workflow seen by renters is the use of the Matterport app or Leica Cyclone Register 360 (BLK Edition). The latter will export out .RCP or E57 formats for the Autocad users. You can get this Lecia app on a weekly/monthly/yearly use. Contact Megan Cowles at Leica for questions. It is recommended you start early at getting setup with a license as this process can take longer than expected

Megan Cowles 
Reality Capture Sales
P: 770-326-9544
Denver, CO